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Welcome to Black Armada's home page.
You'll find here Black Armada's latest releases, and more.
This website is still in development so it's a bit empty but it will be better in a few time.

Black Armada v 3.0.2 - 16/07/2008

Level 3 01/07/2008

After three month without updates, a 3rd level is now available.

There is many changes for this level, enemies have now a trajectory more complex, although some enemies are able to aim the player.

Laser Mode - Black Armada v 0.2.5 - 23/03/2008

minor update of Black Armada - 15/03/2008

You can now download game's sources.

Level 2 is available - 09/03/2008

A new version of Black Armada is now available. See next what's new.
Optmimization :

New features :

v0.14 Beta 29/02/2008

v 0.11 beta 25/02/2008

Black Armada v0.1 Beta 24/02/2008

You can finally download a runnable version of Black Armada Beta.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you see a bug.

Website Launchment 19/02/2008

Website Launchment

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